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Advocate & Educate, LLC, has one purpose: we assist special needs children, ages 3 to 21, make forward progress on their educational journey. We help parents like you. Our objective is to get your special needs child meaningful educational experiences which prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living. That’s the law. If you need knowledge about the process, we inform. If you’ve got a meeting to go to, we get you ready.

Advocate & Educate works with integrity, through principled means, to protect and promote the educational rights of children. Set up your consultation, today!

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With Advocate & Educate, LLC, you can learn to read the signs and understand the instructional and related service opportunities available to your child at school. We can show you how to effectively advocate for your child without tears or hostility. And with our experience and advanced expertise, as your child grows, your advocacy skills grow, too.

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We help you understand the law, so obstacles become opportunities. Then, you take the lead and generate workable plans suited to your child’s unique educational needs.

Special Needs Law Advocate


Your child deserves the best you can give him or her, including the voice that only a parent can give. We can help you do your best, turning obstacles into opportunities. We can show you how, or if the time comes, we can step into your shoes with fully skilled, professionally experienced representation when nothing else will do.

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