If you make educational decisions for a special needs child, I invite you to join COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates).  https://www.copaa.org/  I’m not doing a commercial or a paid endorsement here, but a recommendation that you to get to know a community of people who give everything they’ve got to make special education WORK for parents and children.   COPAA attorney, advocate, and parent members are smart, unselfish, and they SHARE.  The low membership fee cannot begin to touch the value of what you get in return.

COPAA is not a social network, although members feel the pain, personally, and help everyone through.  COPAA is a professional network, giving you specialized resources you won’t find anywhere else, for higher level information and strategies that cut to the chase.  Paired with the resources you may already have, you will find yourself more composed at meetings, making plans for the IEP and transition BEFORE the meeting, and able to understand the confusing language schools throw at us.  COPAA also engages in litigation that makes headway for members (Endrew F. is one of the latest examples), and with policy lobbying in Congress, and soon, beyond.  They don’t waste money on splashy ads or big campaign hype.  They–we–just get in there and Do the Work.

Here’s the link:  www.copaa.org   Join me and thousands of others!  — Robin S. Kuykendall, 7/2/2021