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Welcome to our blog where we cover news & events pertaining to special needs children and their parents.

Do you know COPAA? Please meet our friend,

If you make educational decisions for a special needs child, I invite you to join COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates).  I'm not doing a commercial or a paid endorsement here, but a recommendation that you to get to know a community of [...]

July 2, 2021|News|

Another mother’s trials with the public school–you are not alone

Do you feel like the school world is built to deny your child the education they need, and want? First, remember that an advocate is a bandage for the wound, right now. But we must all remind–demand–that Congress fully fund the IDEA. Meanwhile, give us [...]

October 8, 2020|News|

A 13-year-old ‘regular kid’ with a stutter gave a must-watch Democratic convention speech

This story is not about Joe Biden. It’s about a very brave boy with the courage to hang it all out in front of millions of people. And it’s about the rest of us, to help us listen to what he has to say [...]

August 21, 2020|News|

Special Education in a Pandemic

Wrightslaw webinar: “Special Education in a Pandemic” Watch Video >

August 10, 2020|News|

Is It Time to Throw in All the Towels and Homeschool?

Many people are being pressured by school districts to decide, sometimes for the entire future school year, whether they want their children at school full time, or at home with remote instruction full time, or any variety of middle compromises during our time of [...]

August 10, 2020|News|

Is your state included? Why not?

Tennessee will provide grants to parents to pay for tutoring for young children. Rhode Island will expand its online courses for elementary and high school students. New York will train nearly 200,000 teachers on conducting remote instruction. That’s how some of the 11 winning [...]

July 30, 2020|News|

Worried about schools reopening without virus prevention rules? You’re not alone.

BOSTON (AP) — Virtual instruction. Mandated masks. Physical distancing. The start of school will look very different this year because of the coronavirus — and that’s OK with the vast majority of Americans. Read More >

July 30, 2020|News|
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